All members of the general public can become members of the Political Reform Opinion Platform, provided that they are properly registered. Other than submitting their views to the Platform, members can also get to know the opinion of other people through the collation of all opinion collected by the Platform.
At registration, people are required to provide their real names and email addresses to POP, but they can choose whether or not to provide their residential addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and so on. All personal information supplied will be kept confidential by POP except that all names in full will be displaced in the public domain. All registrations will be done through POP's official website. Each platform member will receive a password upon registration, which can be used to submit named or anonymous messages to the Platform. Platform members can change their designated passwords at any time. Upon reasonable doubt, POP can require any Platform member to authenticate one's name and one's membership category by submitting more documents. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of one's account at the Political Reform Opinion Platform by POP.
Registration is free of charge. POP will regularly update the personal information of Platform members also free of charge. All information provided will only be used for conducting and analyzing surveys. It will not be used for any commercial purpose.
Different from most online forums, we do not encourage emotional venting and interactive conversation at the Political Reform Opinion Platform. Instead, we hope to gather useful and representative opinions. We, therefore, do not publish those submissions with foul languages or personal attack, those judged to be irrelevant or useless to the discussion, or those beyond reasonable length. At the beginning stage, POP will perform the screening task, but this would be shifted to representatives elected by Platform members in due course. It takes about two days to screen each submission while all responsibilities, legal and otherwise, arising from the submission will be borne entirely by its author.
In case a Platform member posts a submission which is judged to be disturbing, intimidating or obscene, or submits junk messages, commercial messages or promotional links, the submission may be removed while the member's account may be terminated.
Platform members can choose whether or not to reveal their personal information. If they do, they should be prepared to take the consequence that other Platform members may be able to identify them according to the information they posted. Political Reform Opinion Platform is a place for members to freely express themselves, there is no guarantee that any such opinion or information expressed is true or accurate. All user names or aliases can also be faked. Should any Platform members locate any problematic content, please kindly inform us and we will take corresponding actions.
It is expected that one special discussion topic will be launched every month at the Political Reform Opinion Platform. Quantitative analysis will be conducted after each discussion ends.