This platform has stopped operating since 19 July, 2013. All information are for reference only.


Where to log in?
If you have not yet signed up, you can click "log in" at the top right corner. Then enter your own username as well as password and click confirm. If you forget your password, click "Forget Password" and enter your username name as well as your email. Your password will then be sent to your email account of record.

Where to sign up?
If you have not yet signed up, you can click "Sign up" on the left hand side or click "Sign up" at the top right corner at the open-ended forum. Fill in the fields and press "send".

Where to log out?
If you have logged in, you can click "log out" at the top left corner. The system will clear cookie and you will sign out.

How to post a new topic?
In the open-ended forum at Political Reform Opinion Platform, you can click a topic and then press "Add". You will then be at the interface for new posts. It is noted that you have to log in before you can make a post.

How to reply a topic?
Press "Reply" when browsing the topic and you will then be at the interface for replying posts. It is noted that you have to log in before you can make a post.

How to start your own poll?
One special feature of this opinion platform is that it allows registered members to design and run their own opinion polls. If you are a registered member and want to gather opinions from other fellow members in this way, please follow the following procedures -

1) Click on the "Add Poll" button when you see it under any broad discussion topic.
2) Compose your own question in the "Poll question" box.
3) Enter your pre-set multiple choice answers under the "Poll answers" boxes, you can design 2 to 20 categorical answers.
4) In the "Supplementary content" area, you can write a passage for your prospective respondents to read before answering your question.
5) Press "Submit" if you want to start your poll right a way, or press "Preview" if you want to look at the format first. If you press "Preview" and then "Amend", you will be able to change your content. You can do this over and over again until you are fully satisfied, then press "Submit".

After your submission, your poll may be run instantly, or be delayed until your registration status is cleared. When a poll is being run, any registered member (including yourself) can click and submit one's chosen answer, and then sees the latest statistics, which are refreshed on real time basis.

Please note that we normally only allow members to answer each poll once, no matter how many times they log on. We also do not allow members to change their answers once submitted. These rules can be changed, but the poll designer must ask the Chief Editor for permission first.